MasterClass - Infinite Abundance and Fun!

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This Master Class was prerecorded. It contains 6 Audio's, 6 PDF workbooks, and one bonus Video. Updated for 2020! Enjoy!

A Powerful Break-Through Course on Using "The Law of Attraction" To Get What You Want.


Enjoy Infinite Abundance And Fun!

Increase Your Energy, Create And Live Your Dreams, and Regain Your Power... Without Spending A Ton Of Money And Time On Inner Work

In this masterclass, we'll cover how to take back your power and flow forward with abundance and fun.

You can use these techniques to increase your energy, create and live your dreams, and regain your spiritual power!

Also, I even show you my spiritual toolbox of processes to help you clear your own thoughts and energy anytime!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover in this incredible masterclass:

* How to use simple techniques to clear your energy and move into the state of flow so you're able to move forward easily.
* Change your thoughts and vibration and you attract different life experiences, people, and opportunities!
* The secret to becoming conscious of your thoughts - once you are conscious of them, you have the choice to change them.
* 5 simple tools to help you level up your vibration and spend your time creating the life you desire (instead of wasting time-fighting low-level thoughts).
* Why most people are unconscious and techniques to help you avoid the mistakes of falling back asleep.
* Why defining yourself strictly in old ways will keep you disempowered and learn how to drop limited identities and beliefs.
* Reveal why you are really here in this life and how you can you take back control of your destiny and script your future enjoyable life.

Over 6 hours of wonderful awakening concepts, clearings, and transformation. 

  • Week One Focus: BECOME, Shifts, Changes, Gratitude
  • Week Two Focus: Gratitude Journal and Creation Board
  • Week Three Focus: Responsibility, Command, Intention, and FOCUS
  • Week Four Focus: Scripting Your Life, A New State of Being, Permission Slips
  • Week Five Focus: Path of Least Resistance, Ease & Flow, Pre-Paving, Enjoying Contrast
  • Week Six Focus: Love, Vibration, Appreciation, Seeing Thru The Eyes Of Source

Sessions are released 3 days apart. If you have any questions, contact me.

FREE Access to Exclusive "Ball of Light" Video

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough masterclass that will finally show you the secrets to staying in a high vibration happy state so you attract what you desire.

Week One Focus: BECOME, Shifts, Changes, Gratitude!
Available Day 1
These classes are very high level conducted by an energy master. If you are new to clearing and energy work, they might be a bit intense for you. Take your time and be gentle with yourself. You are...
Week Two Focus: Gratitude Journal and Creation Board
Available Day 4
Week Three Focus: Responsibility, Command, Intention and FOCUS
Available Day 7
Week Four Focus: Scripting Your Life, A New State of Being, Permission Slips
Available Day 10
Week Five Focus: Path of Least Resistance, Ease & Flow, Pre-Paving, Enjoying Contrast
Available Day 13
Week Six Focus: Love, Vibration, Appreciation, Seeing Thru The Eyes Of Source
Available Day 16
BONUS: Ball Of Light Video
Available Day 12
Please listen to at least one Masterclass first. This is a very High-Level video. Enjoy!
Lisa Long
  • Master Intuitive Coach & Teacher Lisa Long

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