Take Control of Your Life! Take the Habit Challenge and Discover How to Change Your Life Now!

Discover How to Effectively Change or Create Habits that LAST, 11 Modules & Videos + APP!!! ARE YOU READY TO OVERCOME A BAD HABIT OR CREATE A NEW EMPOWERING ONE? IF SO, LET'S START NOW! *BONUS e-book & Module for Pandemic "DOWNTIME TEMPTATIONS"

Are you one of the millions who know that they need a change but just can’t get themselves to do it? Perhaps you have thought…
·  I’ve tried before and it didn’t work
·  I’m just too stuck in my ways
·  I tried but it is too hard to change
·  I’m ok, after all, I really don’t need to change

Millions of people feel this way, but the real truth is they have not found a method that really works.
Have you tried to create a new habit only to stop after a while?
There are reasons why millions of people make New Year Resolutions and never complete them.
1. People rush into a resolution without any preparation
2. People focused on the WHAT and forgot about the WHY.
3. People with good intentions underestimated or ignored their triggers.
4. Others helped sabotage their progress

THIS IS IT! The Habit Challenge Course and App - A program that works is finally here. It’s time for you to take the Habit Challenge!

As an author, Pastoral Counselor, Recovery Coach, and change agent, I have helped many people overcome negative habits and addictions. Over the years of working with people, we have discovered what works and what doesn’t. That's what inspired me to create this program for you. I have taken my process, one that's helped so many, and made an easy to follow course that walks you through the entire process of making habits work for you! 

The entire process that you're about to learn took years, countless hours of teaching and working with others, and thousands of dollars for me to develop the app and workbook--My trial and error time forged the best practices and method for lasting change.
Habit Challenge is designed to be easy, systematized, and efficient so that you can create or change habits that last and serve you instead of Master you. You're getting access to this same process in a video format that makes it easier than ever for you to learn these skills!
By the end of this course, You will discover how to Control habits instead of being controlled! In fact, after learning the easy to follow system, most people apply it to multiple habits and change their life on a whole new level. 

Get Instant Access to The Habit Challenge Course. If you are ready to join the 1% who take action and want to take control of your life, then join now to get immediate access to all the course material and let's get started!


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Q. Is it really possible to change or create a habit through this course?
A. Yes. Absolutely if you follow the course step-by-step and don't procrastinate you will gain understanding and change or create a habit that will last.

Q. Can anyone learn to change their habits?
A. Yes! We teach you how to create effective habit goals, find the right support team, identify triggers and how to apply the habit formula for lasting change. We make it so simple that anyone can do this - even if you have tried and failed in the past. This course could even work with children that want to develop better homework or eating habits, as well.

Q. Can creating a new habit or changing a bad habit help me change my life?
A. Yes! We are creatures of habits. Learning how to master habits can be an incredibly powerful asset to changing your life!

Q. Is the workbook and App included with this course.
A. The App is currently free for those who purchase the course. The Habit Challenge Workbook costs extra and can be ordered through Amazon. We have taken excerpts from the book for this digital program. However, we recommend that you buy the workbook because of all the extra and helpful information contained in it.

Q. Will this program help me with my serious addiction?
A. Yes and no. This course focuses on Changing Your Habits. We have a second course on Crushing Your Cravings that is geared for addictions that will be out in 2021. You could start with this class now, which will set a solid foundation. The Habit Challenge Workbook has a large section dedicated to Crush Your Cravings that can help you overcome addiction by addressing the emotional issues behind habits and addictions. The first part of the book guides you through the steps needed to successfully get started on your personal journey to habit change. The remaining chapters give you a behind the scenes look at the urges that cause your habits and addictions. You’ll learn how to identify and regulate your habit triggers, practice emotional resilience, and manage your emotions so you can make the personal changes you seek.

MODULE 1: Welcome - The Habit Challenge Introduction
The Habit Challenge Overview and How to Take Control of Your Life by Mastering Your Habits.
MODULE 2: How to Effectively Create Habit Goals
You will Learn the Essential Elements for Creating Effective Habit Goals!
MODULE 3: Discover How Important it is to Select the Right Support Team During Your Habit Challenge
You will learn the Key Elements to Create a team that will encourage and support you during your Personal Habit Challenge journey.
MODULE 4: Learn What the Habit Formula is and How to Apply it
Habits don’t just happen - there is a formula that you will learn and use to your advantage.
MODULE 5: How to Identify Habit Triggers that control your urges
Discover a crucial element of How to Identify Habit Triggers that control your urges and can make or break lasting change.
MODULE 6: The Habit Challenge App Functionality and Overview
Learn how to effectively use the Habit Challenge App that can help you stay on track and successfully implement your Habit Goals.
MODULE 7: The Habit Challenge Personal Profile Process
This Module was designed to help you identify the behavior you want to work on in your personal habit challenge.
MODULE 8: Assemble Your Winning Team to Support You During Your Habit Challenge
In this Module, You will select your own personal support team for your specific Habit Challenge.
MODULE 9: How to Apply the Habit Formula to Your Personal Profile
This Module will help you apply the Habit Formula to your own personal Habit Challenge.
MODULE 10: Identify Your Habit Triggers that are Controlling Your Life
Gain a clear understanding of how to Identify Your Habit Triggers that are Controlling Your Life and what to do about it.
MODULE 11: How to Transfer Your Personal info into the Habit Challenge App and Stay on Course
This is it! You will learn how to effectively utilize the Habit Challenge App and customize it for your Personal Habit Challenge. Get Ready to Take Control of your Life!
*Bonus - Pandemic Downtime Temptations and How to Overcome it!
DOWNTIME TEMPTATIONS When it comes to addiction and compulsive behavior, downtime—often nighttime—can be a nightmare! Discover How to overcome and take back control.
*Bonus - Why Can't I Just Stop?
How many times have you uttered these words in a frustrated cry: “Why can’t I stop (fill in the blank)?” Discover how our Emotions can keep us hooked.

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I'm committed to promoting ways to change negative habitual thinking/habits and how to create new empowering ones to reach the levels of freedom you desire.


I'm interested in the meaning/application of "Know Thyself" and reaching the highest levels of myself. That sounds cliche but I'm most at peace when striving for it. Sometimes wishful/positive thinking is not enough. In most cases, you have to change something to make successful principles work for you. You must develop a growth mindset, gain clarity, cultivate a strong desire, overcome limiting beliefs/have faith it's possible, and back it all with strong positive feelings/emotions, Simple right?  I'm committed to promoting what can actually work and how to apply it in our life. I have been on a journey of self-discovery, It's been a challenge, especially in these times of the Pandemic and quarantine. However, I decided to keep making progress and find ways to reach a level of freedom that may currently appear to be missing. These courses promote ways to change negative habitual thinking/habits and how to create new empowering ones to reach the levels of freedom you desire.