BRAVE - Beyond Codependency

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Are you enabler? Are you co-dependent? Do you think things would fall apart if you weren't the glue holding it together?

 We all like to protect our best version of ourselves. Blaming others for the things they should do, yet we constantly take control of what we think "is best" that we become sucked into patterns of creating an unwanted identity that serves no one. It destroys relationships and lacks healthy boundaries, which leads to resentment.

Codependent behaviours are just as much of an addiction as shopping, gambling, drugs and alcohol. You lose yourself trying to control others behaviours, reactions and emotions. 
This is not a healthy relationship for anyone. 

So how do you know you are codependent?

These are just some examples. Do you:
  • Track your loved one’s location most of the time?
  • Text them when you think they are up to no good?
  • Lecture them when they come home late?
  • Nag them about chores or responsibilities?
  • Micromanage their schedule?
  • Feel anxious if you don’t know where they are? Lack of trust
  • Try your best to meet their every need so they will be happy?
  • Exhaust yourself with the expectation that everything needs to be perfect?
  • Love them so hard that letting them go seems so unbearable that you hold on even tighter?
  • End up in a rage because everything you’ve tried isn’t working?

Being in a relationship with someone that was an alcoholic was the hardest part of my life, and owning my story that I was codependent.  This understanding brought me to the best part of my life. 

I had to learn Boundaries, Responsibility to myself , understanding of my own values, and letting go of the ego that wanted to control and enable just to keep the peace. 

My own discovery of healing and recovery was transformational. It healed my relationship with my children, my ex-partner have a friendship, and my life is happier than it has ever been. 

Sometimes things fall apart so you can have a better more fulfilling life. Take the lessons and grow from it. Create acceptance for what was, and the other person. 
Give yourself grace and compassion and know you are not alone. I am here for you.

Codependency is not just about addiction but the need to make others happy and control their actions or decisions. 

If this sounds like your life... I want to help you have a better life. You can heal with recovery through discovery. 

In this program of learning tools and understanding of how to recognize and change your behaviors. You will regain your happiness, and be able to set healthy boundaries. You get to take your power back and reclaim your life.

Are you ready to transform your life?

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Brave Principle
Learn the 5 key elements of the BRAVE principle and how they work together. My story about why BRAVE was created
What are Boundaries, and how do you follow through?
What is the standard you hold yourself accountable to? What standard do you hold others to? Is this in your control?
Learning who you are, what you want in your life, and the people you surround yourself with shift what boundaries you will create to attain your goals and the life
Identifying your own values in your life, you will have a better understanding of why you need to set boundaries.
Understand your true intentions then learn to empower others and yourself to set your and implement your Boundaries around your own life and your own self-care.
Review of the BRAVE principle and questions to remind you to be BRAVE with your decisions and boundaries.
Candace Grant
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner. Shifting perspectives, mindset and setting boundaries

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