The Great Debate: Raw vs Kibble

Choosing your pet's food is one of the most confusing, challenging and important decisions you will make for your pet's health. With all the conflicting information available, how to choose? I can help!

Does it Matter if your Pet's Food Comes in a Bag, a Can, the Refrigerator or Freezer?

All health begins in the gut! And gut health begins with food!

Gut health is now linked to brain function and mood, immune health, heart health, aging and inflammation management.

As the Pet Nutrition Doctor, I teach people how to use food as medicine for their pets.

Food is information for your pet's cells and microbiome. I will teach you how to send the right messages!

This course is divided into 7 modules with 1 bonus video.

First I will introduce myself and explain why I am so passionate about this and how I came to realize the power of food to heal us or make us very sick.

Next is a self assessment so you know your starting point and your goals. You can do this with 1 pet or all of them.

Finally we get to the nitty gritty with 4 modules to help you understand how and what to choose for your pet. 
  • Species Appropriate Diets- Why this is so important!
  • Reading the Pet Food Label - it is not always as easy as it looks. Ingredients and nutritional values are not always as they seem. 
  • The Microbiome - What is it? What does it do? How to optimize it for health.
  • Putting It All Together to Choose the Best Food for Your Pet and Your Lifestyle

I even include my eBook with recommended brands of dog food and herbs.

You feed your family healthy whole foods that are appropriate for humans. But your pets are not little humans.
They are carnivores and should eat like one.

At the end of this course:
  • Learn why the form of the food affects its ability to provide proper information and nutrition
  • Get the scoop on reading pet food labels.
  • Learn why species appropriate food is so important.
  • Understand the controversy about grain.
  • Understand the role of the microbiome in health and disease.
  • You will have confidence to make better choices for your pet's health
  • You will have a guide with lists of recommended foods and supplements for your pets
  • Your pet will love mealtimes more and start to feel better very quickly

"This course is purely for educational purposes. Buyers should consult with their veterinarian prior to making any lifestyle, diet, or exercise changes" 

Welcome - About Dr. Evelyn
Dr. Evelyn is a holistic integrative veterinarian who uses food as medicine for her patients. In this short video she shares a little of her journey and why it is so important to get this informati...
Tell me about you and your pets.
This is a very quick survey to help me get to know you better.
What are your goals?
No matter what you desire, it is always important to clearly state your destination if you ever want to reach it. This exercise helps you clarify your goals and remind you why they are important so...
What is a Species Appropriate Diet?
Your pet's body was designed to take in and absorb nutrients from certain types of food. Learn how to know what those foods are. Join me June 1 at 11:00 PST.
Reading the Pet Food Label
Pet Food Labels Contain Lots of Important Information. Unfortunately that Information is Not Always as it Seems. In This Module You will Learn to Read Between the Lines to Understand the True Meani...
The Microbiome and Gut Health
The Microbiome is that Collection of Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoa that Live in our Gut and are Vital to Good Health. In this Module, You will Learn How the Foods You Feed Affect the Microbiome.
Putting it all Together- Choosing the Best Foods for Your Pet
Now that you know about Species Appropriate Diets, How to Read the Label and How to Support the Microbiome for Health, we will talk more specifically about What is Best for Your Pet and Your Lifest...
Bonus #1: A Pet Supplement Recommended for Most Adult Pets and Coupon
Watch this interview with Dr. Nancy Bryan the self proclaimed "Backwards Pharmacist" as she explains the benefits of Petandim for your pet.
Course Feedback
Please help me improve this course! Tell me how i could make it even better? -5 minutes
Bonus #2: Interview with Milk Pet Food Founder and Coupon
Milk Pet Food is a whole food diet that comes straight to your door. I am excited to partner with Milk Pet Food because they align with my mission to provide high quality, whole food nutrition in a...

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Dr. Evelyn: Integrative Holistic Veterinarian using food as medicine; featured in Reader’s Digest, guest on Your Vital Pet and Holistic Actions for Animals, is an expert on Dream Dog CBD and on the advisory boards of Animal Essentials and Ion*Biome.


Dr. Evelyn is an integrative holistic veterinarian who uses food and nutritional support as medicine for her patients. 

After healing herself from the damage caused by two autoimmune diseases using only diet and herbs, she realized the power of food to heal. Using the principals she learned from her own struggle, she then healed her older cat of pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. By changing Phoebe’s diet and adding some nutritional supplements, she noticed in addition to healing her gut issues, that the excess weight and skin sensitivity that had been part of Phoebe’s life since she was just under a year old, disappeared. She knew then that she had to use this approach on her patients. They responded in the most amazing ways!

Her passion for nutrition has led her to create a nutritional consulting business for pets. Her website provides information on choosing pet foods to optimize health through food choices.  She includes topics ranging from the dangers of obesity to the concerns about genetically modified foods. Her goal is to prevent many of the chronic conditions that now appear in our pets, by providing information to help pet parents choose the proper food and supplements for optimal health.

She has been featured in Reader’s Digest and has been a guest on Your Vital Pet and Holistic Actions for Animals. Dr. Evelyn is an expert contributor on Dream Dog CBD and on the advisory boards of Animal Essentials and Ion*Biome.

She provides nutritional consulting directly with pet parents to help them understand their pet’s current condition and the ways they can improve it through diet, supplements and environmental adjustments. When needed she formulates individualized, balanced, whole food diets for those pets with serious illness or significant food intolerances; and sometimes for pet parents who want to do everything to avoid chronic disease In their furry family members. 

By creating educational programs, she hopes to have a greater impact and reach more pet owners to give them back control of their pet’s health.