Eating for Brain Health (~53 minutes)

Is dementia an inevitable part of aging? Absolutely not! Take with you some simple, easily applied strategies to improve your brain health starting today!

Is dementia an inevitable part of aging?

Absolutely not!  There is so much we can do that impacts our health and particularly our brains.  Come with me and let me debunk the myths and half-truths about how much power you have over your health!

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Eating for Brain Health Quick Course
Is dementia an inevitable part of aging? Are the generally accepted recommendations really the best science has to offer? Take with you simple steps that you can start applying today to nourish a...

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Speaker, Health Educator, and Transition Specialist. Background in Health Science with special certifications for diabetes and chronic disease, experience as an Education Specialist, and public health after school program nutrition educator.


Jay Ziebart with Plant Based for Life is a Speaker, Health Educator, and Transition Specialist.  She recently left a position as an Education Specialist with two hospitals in Ventura County to pursue her passion full time.  She has a Health Science background as well as special certifications to teach diabetes and chronic disease management.  She volunteers with Ventura County Public Health where she has assisted with events, screenings, and taught health education for after school programs.  Her passion is reducing suffering through teaching people how to take back their health with nutrition.  She has dedicated her life to empowering others to achieve their best health.