Homeschooling Empowerment! 8th thru High School (LEVELS I & II)

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If you are homeschooling high school already or stepping into that season, you do NOT want to miss this Mastermind course/workshop. High School has quite a bit more riding on it as opposed to Middle School and presents the homeschooling parent with additional things to consider and plan for.  That's where this Homeschooling Empowerment course comes in, where you will gain clarity and confidence!

My name is Kathleen Rumford, and I'm a  15-year veteran homeschooling mom of 2 daughters. Both of my daughters dual-enrolled in high school and then went on to college, with the oldest even completing her Master’s degree in Spanish Sociolinguistics, and both girls own their own businesses (entrepreneurs from a young age!).

Because I’m an engineer / math nerd by education and personality, I’ve logically and methodically deconstructed the process of mapping out the high school journey into manageable pieces in order to simplify, speed up, and organize the process for successful completion. And I've created both an easy customizable Transcript template for you, as well as a customizable GPA Calculator that works with the push of a button!


Steps 1-4 (Level 1) are where I walk you through the simplified process of creating your student's plan as we go through the course – using the course as a workshop. (Pssst - I used this same process (steps 1-3) with my daughter when she was going to college.)  Steps 5-6 and "Pulling It All Together" (Level 2) are where I walk you through creating your student's high school transcript, calculating GPAs, and creating a Comprehensive Academic Summary & Transcript Packet, with the AMAZING template I provide. 

You can actually achieve most of this while going through this course, so later you can just make updates / tweaks as your child moves through high school.   You will walk away empowered with greater confidence and more prepared for the high school journey. 


Let's just talk about transcripts for a moment. Creating a transcript with related course documentation for your homeschooled high schooler can be quite daunting!  Figuring out the weighted and unweighted GPAs?  Ugggh!  In the TRANSCRIPT module, we focus on taking the overwhelm and confusion out of the process and actually get your student's transcript laid out including GPAs.
  1. Customizable transcript template, which you can easily tailor to create your own child's transcript and program of studies. 
  2. Customizable GPA Calculator tool to fill in your student's courses, grades, and grading scale in order to have his/her GPAs (weighted and unweighted) automatically calculated for you.


Free BONUSES include: 
  1. 1-hour expert panelist High School Q&A audio file discussion with experienced homeschooling moms with over 80 years experience combined, including Lisa Rielage, the owner of Admissions Decrypted, which helps you through the college admissions process.
  2. Q&A document with top 8th-12th grade homeschooling FAQs

These bonuses will provide you with amazing value, wisdom, and and answers to questions regarding homeschooling through high school in the following areas:
  • Teen Ownership of High School Journey
  • Love of Learning
  • Return to Public School
  • Curriculum / Courses / Co-ops
  • Graduating Early
  • College prep
  • Transcripts / GPAs / Program of Studies
  • Alternatives to college
  • Socialization / sports / extra-curriculars

Welcome! I've deconstructed the process of mapping out the high school journey and transcript to simplify and organize a plan that will take away the confusion and give you clarity and confidence.
Whether you're a new or seasoned homeschooler, High School can be a bit daunting. My 6 steps will empower you to lay out an organized framework for your child's high school academic journey and tra...
Module 1b - SETUP
Very brief module on Setting up for successful completion of the Course and understanding a few key resources.
Exploring your state's/county's graduation requirements & Program of Studies offers a wealth of information. Your gained insight will begin the process of mapping out your student's high school plan.
Module 3 - STEP 2: FRAMEWORK
Following Step 1, you will begin mapping out a Framework for your teen's high school progression, as you move closer to creating a robust plan.
Exploring resources and sources of homeschool courses, you will determine proposed classes for your student and begin filling in the Framework you established in Step 2.
Capturing grades and course information in an organized fashion will create a comprehensive record of your student's high school years. This will feed their transcript and final high school packet.
Module 6 - STEP 5a: TRANSCRIPT (& GPAs)
Using all of the hard work that you've poured into Steps 1-4 along with the template I provide, you will EASILY create your student's Transcript.
Module 7 - STEP 5b: (TRANSCRIPT &) GPAs
Using the EASY GPA calculator that I provide (or another of your choosing) you will use Step 4 info to calculate weighted and unweighted GPAs and cumulative GPAs from year to year.
How do you validate your homeschool transcript and validate your student's academic readiness and academic caliber? I show you ways to do this and to also provide way for your student to shine.
Using the template I provide and the documents you've been creating, I walk you thru compiling your student's Comprehensive Academic Summary and Transcript packet.
BONUS - Don't Miss This!!
Expert Panelist Q&A **AUDIO** session addressing top questions / topics from homeschooling parents of 8th-12th grade students.
Kathleen Rumford
  • Educator, Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Knowledge Broker, Homeschooling Mom of 15 years

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