What is the DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) creates a standardized process for
copyright holders (including software developers) to ask MasterMind to take down
infringing content. For more information about the DMCA please visit the official website
of the U.S. Copyright Office.

It is always best to consult with a professional about your questions or situation. We
strongly encourage you to do so before taking any action that might impact your rights.
Our guides are NOT legal advice and shouldn’t be taken as such.


Things to Know Before You Start

Truth. The DMCA requires that you swear to the facts in your notice of infringement
under penalty of perjury. It is a federal crime to intentionally lie in a sworn declaration.
(See U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 1621). Submitting false information could also result
in civil liability, which means you could get sued for monetary damages.

Investigate. Countless users and organizations pour themselves into the content they
create using MasterMind. Filing a DMCA notice of infringement against another party is
a serious legal allegation that carries real consequences for real people. We ask that
you conduct a thorough investigation and consult with an attorney before submitting a
takedown request to ensure that the use isn’t actually permissible.

Ask. A great first step before sending us a takedown notice is to try contacting the other
party directly.

Bots. You should have a trained professional evaluate the facts of every takedown
notice you send. If you are outsourcing your efforts to a third party, make sure you know
how they operate, and make sure they are not using automated bots to submit notices
in bulk. These notices are often invalid and processing them results in needlessly taking
down content.

Counter Notice. Any user affected by your takedown notice may decide to submit a
counter notice. If they do, we will re-enable their content within 14 days unless you
notify us that you have initiated a legal action seeking to restrain the user from engaging
in infringing activity relating to the content on MasterMind.

The Judge? MasterMind exercises minimal discretion in the process other than
determining whether the notices meet the minimum requirements of the DMCA. It is up
to the parties (and their lawyers) to evaluate the merit of their claims, bearing in mind
that notices must be made under penalty of perjury.

How to Submit Your Notice and Counter Notice

The fastest way to get a response is to enter your information and answer all of
the questions on our takedown or counter notification form(s):


Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice

If someone else is using your copyright protected content in an unauthorized manner on
MasterMind, fill out the form below to submit a DMCA takedown notice and request that
the infringing content be changed or removed. Please ensure that you can answer the
requirements for DMCA counter notifications.

Submit a DMCA takedown notice

You may also send an email notification to compliance@learn.mastermind.com. If include it
as an attachment, please also include a plain-text version of your letter in the body of
your message.

If you send your notice by physical mail, it will take substantially longer for us to receive
and respond to it. Notices we receive via form submission, and plain-text email have a
much faster turnaround than PDF attachments or physical mail. If you still wish to mail
us your notice, our physical address is:

Attention Legal Department

DMCA Notice

MasterMind Consulting, LLC

2225 N Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale AZ 85257

By submitting a DMCA notice via our form, email, or physical mail, you acknowledge
that a copy of your DMCA submission disclosing all information provided may be shared
with the accused party.


Submit a DMCA Counter Notice

If you believe your content on MasterMind was mistakenly disabled by a DMCA
takedown request, you have the right to contest the takedown by submitting a counter
notice. Please ensure that you can answer the requirements for DMCA counter
notifications prior to submission.

Submit a DMCA counter notice

Alternatively, you may submit a counter notice by e-mail or physical mail, as set forth

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