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Real People. Real Results. 

We have already helped thousands of people successfully join the knowledge economy and take control of their lives, careers and finances… and now it’s your turn. 

Highlighted Success Stories

“The Mastermind community and courses have given me all the confidence, the knowledge, the skills, resources, a community all to help me realize that I am nowhere near my full potential.”

Vicki Ellis

“…in this community of a hundred thousand plus people, I was able to share my most broken pieces of who I was. Without an opinion, a word of discouragement, no judgment, nothing but positivity, my most broken pieces became my biggest assets.”

Matthew Larsh

“I am so happy that I took the step to take my online business to another level. It’s so easy to follow these steps and in the group I have so many new best friends”

Yanitsha Feliciano

“They walk their talk. They’re not just saying it, I’m seeing it, they live what they’re talking about and that inspires me.”

Angela Crump-Volcy

“Being a part of this community has enabled me to continue taking the steps forward and I’m grateful for the support that’s there the ability to go and ask questions and get feedback.”

Philip Wride

“People are asking me, how did you do it? I said, well, I just followed Dean’s course!”

Dorcia Hart

“What really stood out to me about this was the community… That was really was the key to success…there was always somebody in front of your face telling you, you can do this here’s the pieces”

Tony Mueller

“We felt like you cared. We felt like the whole mastermind team really cared. We felt like Dean personally cares about our success and it made us feel amazing.”

Maayan Sela

“I just didn’t know how to get it done and then Mastermind came into my life and I realized that everything I had thought of, I could actually put down on paper!…And if you think you are limited, remember if it’s coming from your heart, it is coming from the right place… just get out there and do it!”

Lana Husbands

“Learning about the reporter method, I got the confidence that I have enough to teach others…it was a success to create my course in less than three months.”

Ava Jozdani

“I started Mastermind August of 2022 and it’s been an incredibly transformative journey for me….It’s been so much fun and so empowering to learn about myself and to learn that I can do things that I didn’t think I could do before.”

Austin Mangelson

“When I left my job in March of 2022, I knew that I was going to do this business. In those five months from leaving my job from March to August, I made it happen.”

Tanisha Taylor

Mastermind is fueled
by your stories

Our community runs on voices like yours. It keep us going, and keeps us grounded. Tell us like it is. What’s your story?

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