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Behind-the-Scenes Truth About From Our Students

In 2020, Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins came together to create the platform so they could share the secrets they’ve learned in our 60+ combined years of starting and leading successful knowledge businesses. 

They founded Mastermind to not only be the simplest and fastest way they know to share your knowledge online but also the place where anyone can gain the mindset, the tools, the capabilities, and ongoing training to launch or scale with confidence. This is what makes different from all the rest.

In this article, Dean Graziosi and team break down the behind-the-scenes truths about so you can see why using to create your online course, mastermind or workshop can work for you.

We Provide the Blueprint

You’re ready to launch or scale your online course, mastermind, workshop or live training to the world … except what do you do first? Most online membership platforms and programs simply provide a place to house the content.

But we don’t think that’s enough. We wanted to provide MORE, and we can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. That’s why includes so much more than just a place to upload your content. We provide an entire blueprint that takes you from determining WHAT to sell, WHO to sell to, and HOW to create something based on the knowledge you already have. 

In fact, even provides training every day for the first 14 days, enabling you to:

  • Start fast and start now
  • Extract what you know
  • Create your course or host a live training 
  • Record your content
  • Instantly convert your content into a course that you can offer for sale 

“If you’re creating an online presence and you’re sharing your knowledge, will make everything SO straight forward for you, so you can focus on the things that you are actually good at!” – Judy Dove

From simplified short videos to worksheets and encouragement…THIS…IS…THE…BOMB DIGGITY! Thank you team from the bottom of my heart for always over-delivering!! I am inspired to over-deliver to every single person that I get to serve. – Jill Joy

We know you still have questions, so in the rest of this article, we’re going to cover some of the top reasons is the perfect fit for you. And don’t take our word for it – we’ll give you answers straight from users. 

notebook and laptop. Mastermind blueprint

It’s Simple and Easy to Use

Do you think self-education seems difficult or complicated? users don’t. Just look at the feedback members have on how easy is to use.

“I had a very simple outline at and then the course was developed in conjunction with the people who showed up, so that was simple!” – Gayle Van Gils

“I can’t explain how simple it was for me. It’s like a form where you copy and paste a few small details. Within 5 minutes I had a landing page up and running! If you haven’t used this system yet, please go and use it now.” – Deljane Kum

“I went from knowing about to launching a course on in less than a week.”

“I actually recorded and edited my videos on my phone and I didn’t have to upload it to my laptop or convert it to anything. I uploaded it right from my phone onto my course at!”

Results Can Happen Quickly*

How long does it take to start seeing sales? members can start seeing sales right away. Just check out these members’ results:

“Within 4 hours of me going live with my first course on, I had my first sale. Not just my first on, but my first ever, after over 15 years of trying and failing.” – Brian Cho, Mastermind Expert

“Yesterday two clients paid for coaching with me within one hour difference. Then it hit me! I made in one hour what, five years ago, I was making in a year!” – Nevena Bazalac

“In April, I decided to quit my job to coach full-time. Within 5 months, I made my annual salary in a month thanks to the support the communities Dean and Tony created.” – Ben 

I sold 53 spots to my mastermind in one week. I get to do the thing that I’m meant to do in the world. These are things that are not easy to do on your own, but gives you the pieces to get it done with confidence!” – Maya Comerota, Transformational Coach

* Individuals’ ability to monetize the self-education industry is dependent on a number of factors. The company does not guarantee your success in this industry. Your results may vary.

Student testimonial

You’re Fully Supported

When you join, you’re never alone. You become part of a thriving community of nearly 60,000 others on the same journey. There’s always someone there who can answer questions and bounce ideas off of. Our customer service team is top-notch too.

“If you’re thinking about starting your own course or mastermind, absolutely do it. And make sure that you’re being active in the Mastermind Facebook community because there are so many great people in this community. They make me laugh every day. They make it feel good every day. You’re gonna learn so much from so many people.” – Adam Fiore

“I’ve met amazing people I can call friends. And because of this amazing group and their help and guidance, my book will be launched soon.” – Soodabeh Mokry

Transform Your Future opens doors to a whole new future. We’ll help you gain the confidence, courage, technology, and capabilities you need to launch your course, mastermind, workshop, or live training to the world.

“It’s just incredible to go from having nothing, no savings, no job to speaking at different stages to hundreds of people.”

“Just put it out there and see what happens. It’s changed my life. It’s changed my career trajectory actually.”

Make a real impact on others and create the success you deserve in the virtual economy. This is the new way to sell what you know online. Join today and we’ll see you on the inside. 

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