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6 Ways Mastermind.com Changes People’s Lives

How many of you have been working hard and putting everything you have into building your business only to wake up one day to find out that something called COVID-19 is shutting you down? No more customers … no more money … no more business.

Now you have all kinds of questions. Where do I go from here? What do I do now? How am I supposed to survive?

You don’t have to panic because you aren’t alone. You CAN start a business selling what you know in the self-education industry, and Mastermind.com can help! Keep reading to hear how others have found the answer with Mastermind.com.

Christina Burgess says “Don’t give up!”

“Dean, Tony, and the self-education revolution changed my life,” said Christina Burgess.

In May 2021, Christina had to close the doors of her brick-and-mortar alternative medicine business due to COVID-19. That’s when she discovered online courses by Dean Graziosi that changed her life, and she joined Mastermind.com.

“There comes a point in your life when you can be a continual student or take uncomfortable action,” Burgess said.

Christina discovered she had to change her story to change her life without letting the external world influence her. She started to change her story by reading books written by Dean Graziosi. 

“I’ve been an underdog my entire life, and I learned that I can use that to my advantage,” Burgess said. She realized that Dean’s statement, “The time is right to change your habits”, really resonated with her, so that is what she did. Christina changed her life, her story, and her habits with the help of Mastermind.com.

“Don’t give up because life has changed and you gotta figure out your own reality,” said Burgess. “It has changed my clients’ lives because I’ve gotten more people in the digital industry who are getting more out of my message than I would have individual clients coming into my brick-and-mortar business.”

Like every single person out there, Christina struggled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, but she didn’t let that stop her. She now understands that when you put your message out there and touch lives, abundance follows. You too can find your audience on social media. 

“Mastermind.com is an incredible support system to get your message out,” Burgess said.

Christina is excited to announce that she has already successfully launched her first mastermind on Mastermind.com and is having more abundance than she ever dreamed possible.

Donna Franklin says “It just makes so much sense.”

“When I saw Dean, I could relate to him,” said Donna Franklin. “I knew I really needed to do something with my talents and my energy, and I knew I had something more in me … that God had given me more.”

When Donna discovered Mastermind.com, she just knew that it was her time. She dug into every part of it, started writing, and has now finished her first book. 

“I’m so grateful that God has put in Dean Graziosi’s heart to do the things that he has done over so many years because every time I see him, he makes me smile. Every time I hear what he says, it just makes so much sense and I can relate,” said Franklin.

And Franklin knows she has so much more to give. 

“There are so many people I want to help,” Franklin said. She is so grateful and excited to be on this Mastermind.com journey with Dean Graziosi, because now she knows she’ll be able to accomplish her goals.

Hui Hui Lek is grateful for the awesome journey.

“It would be an understatement to say that this challenge literally changed my life,” said Hui Hui Lek.

Lek never thought she could start a business in the self-education industry because she had only been in retail for the past ten years with previous experience as a book editor. Through Mastermind.com, she realized her experience could help her in the digital arena too because when designing the entire experience, the process is the same.

Within two months she successfully launched two programs and generated a total of $60,000 in sales. 

“It has been the happiest and most fulfilling period of my life,” said Lek. “Seeing the results of my students and my clients, and to be able to see them gain confidence to impact others has been really awesome for me.”

Mastermind.com is just what Hui Hui needed to give her the visibility she needed for her programs. 

“It is beginner friendly, intuitive, and even if you’re not tech-savvy, it is very easy to navigate, and there are no commission fees for the courses you sell. ” Lek said.

Jeff Sullivan hasn’t looked back.

“I got on Mastermind.com and haven’t looked back,” said Jeff Sullivan. “Within ten days I was able to get seventeen people to sign up for my course and was getting sales in one day.”

Jeff was impressed by the fact that you get to keep all the revenue from sales you make on Mastermind.com. It’s not like many of the other platforms out there that take part of your sales in commissions.

Karine Foucard-Poveda loves Dean Graziosi’s energy.

“I love Dean’s energy,”  said Karine Foucard-Poveda. “He makes me feel like family,”

At first, Foucard-Poveda thought it would be difficult to try Mastermind.com. English isn’t her first language, and this was the first time she’d ever created a course or worked online. She was relieved when Mastermind.com made it easy. 

“Putting my course on Mastermind.com was easy even though I have a lot of material,” said Foucard-Poveda. 

Meeting people from all across the globe through Mastermind.com has also given her a worldwide support group that she loves. Karine is building a high-ticket offer for the first course and is also starting to build a second course. 

“It is really pleasurable to work on Mastermind.com,” Foucard-Poveda said. She describes working with Dean Graziosi and Mastermind.com as very professional as well as family-like. Foucard-Poveda is very thankful for Mastermind.com and the support they give.

Maryam Hameed found clarity.

Maryam Hameed, an entrepreneur from Pakistan, experienced a huge change in her life because of Mastermind.com. 

“The biggest transformation that I actually got from this platform was clarity,” Hameed said.

This clarity gave Hameed’s ideas the proper shape, her efforts a proper path, and her vision a proper direction.

“I was living the identity which I was actually told by others, and I was taking that outside energy in so much that I didn’t realize that I have the power to change myself,” she said. “I have got everything in myself and I can do it.”

Before Mastermind.com, Hameed struggled to find the confidence and break away from the mold that others had cast her in. Like many others, she had self-doubt and imposter syndrome. To overcome her fears and she knew she had to choose a path. 

“Don’t stay on the fence, just jump off,” Hameed said. “Don’t keep those limiting beliefs.”

Through Mastermind.com Hameed learned to dive deep into her identity so she could stand out and have an impact on others. She also learned how to organize all the pieces and find the courage to finally put out her very first high-ticket offer.

Is it your turn?

Are you ready to have your own success story? It’s not an impossible journey, and the only one stopping you is you. You can learn from those who have already figured it out and are happy to give you the tools you need to reach your goals.

Don’t let fear and limiting beliefs hold you back. Change your life by changing your path and taking it to the next level with Mastermind.com.

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Ready to try out Mastermind.com for yourself? Claim your 14-day free trial by visiting Mastermind.com and clicking the “Start Free Trial” button to join the MM movement now. 

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